Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have an amazing wife.  She puts up with so much.  Not the least of it -- my enormous cinematic appetite.  She watches a lot of things that she might not otherwise have seen; some of it she hates (the more actiony titles) and some of it she loves (the more dramatic ones).  But I can't say enough how appreciative I am when it comes to how many movies she gives a chance too, and how she takes it all in stride.  Here's a look at her favorites from 2010:

The Way Back
Blue Valentine
127 Hours
The Social Network
Black Swan
The King's Speech
Please Give

Runner's Up:  The Fighter, Enter the Void, The American, Due Date, The Square, Hereafter, The Kids Are All Right, Winter's Bone, Shutter Island, Waiting for Superman, Tamara Drewe.


Joel said...

Some strong picks! Wish I liked "The Way Back" more than I did. It was good, but I felt it needed more impact, honestly. Yes, I'm a terrible person.

Pissed I never saw "Blue Valentine," "Please Give" or "Dogtooth." All the others made my list, with "Catfish" undoubtedly in the top spot. Instant, hard-to-beat contender for the best of the 2010s for me in terms of sheer impact.

If I may say so: both of you have overrated "Shutter Island" for my money. Just thought I'd put that out there. I like the film, but the first half is really, really problematic in its pacing.

Actionman said...

The Way Back needed more impact?! That was as riveting as it gets (for us at least). The idea that this happened to a group of people in real life (despite all of the controversies) is just insane to ponder. The filmmaking itself was on a staggering level as well, so there's that too...

Blue Valentine, Please Give, and Dogtooth are all excellent movies and will be terrific rentals for you.

Catfish blew us away when we saw it...and we still find ourselves talking about it. Nice to see it top your list.

And as much as we love you, we'll agree to disagree on Shutter Island :) That's a stylish little mind-fuck of a movie.

Joel said...

Hey, here's the word about Paul Thomas Anderson's two next projects:

"Inherent Vice"--"[Robert Downey Jr.] is said to be eying the role of 1960s stoner P.I. Larry "Doc" Sportello in Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's 'Inherent Vice.' In the book Sportello is hired on by an ex-girlfriend to investigate the disappearance of her wealthy lover."

(This one's only in talks right now.) "The Master"--"Phillip Seymour Hoffman [is] on board as the founder of a religion ("the Cause") that would serve as an allegory for Scientology, with Jeremy Renner attached as Hoffman's alcoholic acolyte. Renner has left for other projects, but Vulture believes Hoffman is still interested."

Who wants to predict that Anderson, as always will meticulously craft these films into not only cult favorite items (ESPECIALLY "Inherent Vice"), but also American masterpieces? I WANT TO. And I am. The guy's a master: he has the pacing dexterity of Stanley Kubrick, the tonal/spatial mastery of Carl Theodor Dreyer, and the propulsiveness of Martin Scorsese.


hey, you posted wife picks, how about next door neighbor picks?