Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Now, I am posting this with the full disclosure that I am sick of all of the Tom Cruise bashing. It's boring, obnoxious, and pretty tired at this point. So what....the guy is a Scientologist, is outspoken, and likes to jump on chairs. Big fucking deal. As long as he continues to deliver great performances in quality films that's all I really care about. I have never quite understood how some people turned their back on him. What people do in their personal life shouldn't make a difference when it comes to actors and people we pay to entertain us. Unless you want it to interfere. Personally, I could care less what celebrities say and do on their free time. That's their business. As long as I am not let down when I pay my hard earned money to watch their movies is pretty much all I care about. In the case of Tom Cruise, it's just asinine to be honest. He is arguably the biggest movie star of all time. Look at his resume: TOP GUN, RAIN MAN, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, A FEW GOOD MEN, THE FIRM, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, EYES WIDE SHUT, MAGNOLIA, VANILLA SKY, MINORITY REPORT, WAR OF THE WORLDS, JERRY MAGUIRE, THE LAST SAMURAI, COLLATERAL. I am sure I have missed others. He's always intensely committed to whatever project he's working on, and he always delivers. At least for me.

Now, having got all that out of the way, the above video represents the greatest celebrity impression that I think I have ever seen. The actor's name is Miles Fisher and he plays Cruise in the upcoming spoof movie SUPERHERO MOVIE, which comes out this weekend. As for the movie, I won't be seeing it until it hits DVD (if that...). I also want to state that I absolutely hate the TV spots for SUPERHERO MOVIE with the news reporter ending the trailer with the phrase "Tome Cruise is dead." It's utterly tasteless and not funny in the slightest. But this clip clearly demonstrates a serious comedic talent in Fisher, and an uncanny ability to impersonate one of the biggest celebrities of all time. He has everything down: the voice, laugh, mannerisms, and hand gestures. It's uncanny.

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