Sunday, March 16, 2008


Just got back from seeing SNOW ANGELS, which is probably the best film of 2008 thus far. Devastating film, with two tremendous performances from Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale. I was not prepared for the emotional destruction that this film gave its characters, and while it's a dark, tough film to watch at times, it's utterly magnificent, and deeply affecting. David Gordon Green is four for four now. Rockwell and Beckinsale have never been better. Look for my full review this week.

I was very pleased to see that THE BANK JOB held really well at the box office this weekend. Granted, it will only be a modest success in it's theatrical life, but the fact that it only fell 20% or so in it's second weekend means that the people who have seen it have loved it (it's terrific, the most entertaining film of the year so far) and they've told their friends to make an effort to see it in the theaters. It's a great genre film, with strong writing and juicy characters. It's a sexy piece of entertainment desgined for thinking-cap adults who respond to complicated plots that yields explosive divedends. If THE BANK JOB had a better title, I really think it would have done even better. Still, if it's able to gross $25-30 million in the theaters, that'll be sweet. It'll do a bundle on dvd, a market where films like this tend to do really well.


Mister Rick said...

Sam Rockwell...aka crewman number 6 in the faultless, fantastic, no-one saw it but everyone on the planet should have to watch it twice film - Galaxy just f-ing fantastic. Just thought your readers should know.

Galaxy Quest. Number two film of the last 100 years. Mister Blandings Builds His Dream House, is, of course, number one.

Actionman said...

I am not sure if Galaxy Quest is the number two film of the last 100years, but it's certainly an excellent comedy. And of course, I know you're goofing. And yes, Rockwell was brilliant in that film as well.

Rockwell seems to always bring it, no matter what film it is or how small his part. He's hysterical in a somber way in Jesse James and he was terrific in last year's creepy thriller Joshua. He's also incredible in Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men, which is a phenomenally underrated film if there ever was one. It's a masterpiece, actually.

Mister Rick said...

In Jesse James you knew that he was sweating every moment when he was with JJ. The idea that he could be killed any second by this crazy guy was ALWAYS in his eyes and the way he laughed. Watch it again and look at the way his eyes move when he looks at JJ.

But he was better in GQuest