Friday, March 7, 2008


Roger Donaldson's THE BANK JOB opens today, and has been greeted with excellent reviews. It's running at 74% overall at rottentomatoes and a fantatstic 93% with the top critics. I plan on catching it this Sunday.

Quite the opposite, Roland Emmerich's big-budget prehistoric epic 10,000 BC has been utterly destroyed bu the critics; it's running at 9% overall at rottentomatoes, with 25% from top critics. Sounds awesome!


Wayne said...

I normally don't enjoy a lot of Jason Statham films---at least the Jet Li ones---but this one does look pretty good.

I have no interest in 10,000 all. Emmerich released nothing but garbage.

Actionman said...

I am checking out The Bank Job today (11:30am).

10,000 BC is a dvd rental, at most, for me...