Friday, March 6, 2009


Watchmen in IMAX on Sunday afternoon.

Just got I've Loved You So Long from Netflix.


Joel said...

Man, I wouldn't be able to survive a wait until Sunday to see Watchmen. Naturally, I am seeing it five hours from now. Expect a review tomorrow or Sunday. :D Can't wait. A couple of friends who are HUGE fans of the graphic novel series said it was absolutely fantastic.

Actionman said...

I'm looking forward. But will happy to be viewing it as a "movie only" as I've never read the graphic novel. I want it to work as a movie, nothing more, nothing less. Very excited. Hope you love it!

Joel said...

Ever since the Harry Potter movies were eviscerated by fans for not being EXACTLY like the books, I've stopped looking at adapted movies as adaptations. Liberties MUST be taken. For me, "Watchmen" is a revolutionary graphic novel and reformed the superhero genre into something completely different. But Snyder's "Watchmen" is an adaptation, not an exact replica. So, yes, I also will be looking at it as a cinematic work.

Joel said...

It. Is. Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Not quite Dark Knight level, but surprisingly close.

That's all I'll say. Can't wait for your thoughts.