Friday, March 13, 2009


If I see anything in the theater this weekend it'll be Watchmen, for the second time. I will definitely be checking it out again, it's just a matter of when.

Choke ships from Netflix today. Very much looking forward.

I must also confess that even while I won't see it in the theaters, this weekend's kid-flick sci-fi adventue Race to Witch Mountain does look like some good, clean, spirited fun. I'll check it out on Netflix down the road. Also, the new remake of The Last House on the Left looks very nasty but it also looks well made; maybe a Netflix for that in a few months.

Next weekend brings a trio of potentially solid late winter selections: I Love You, Man; Duplicity; and Knowing.


Joel said...

Probably gonna see "Last House" on DVD as well. Looks crafty and definitely atmospheric.

"Race to Witch Mountain" looks fun. I recently watched and really enjoyed "She's the Man," which is also directed by Andy Fickman. He's pretty talented. I also wanna see "The Game Plan," truthfully.

I'm hoping to see "Milk" very soon with my friend Kristi. Also gonna discuss the possibility of finally watching "Brokeback Mountain" with her the same day. All possible stereotypes aside, it sounds like a good double feature, no? :P

Also wanting to watch Let the Right One In VERY soon, but don't know if it's gonna happen.

Actionman said...

Yes, it sounds like a very gay day of watching movies. I keed, I keed. LOVED Brokeback Mountain -- an amazing film on multiple levels. I enjoyed Milk, mainly for the acting and direction, but Brokeback is the superior piece of work.

You need to see Let the Right One In immediately. No excuses.

Last House, like most horror output, is DVD fodder for me. I watched part of The Ruins last night on HBO HD and it was pretty decent. Good nudity.

The Game Plan, to me, looked like crap, and I can't imagine ever watching She's the Man. But Witch Mountain looks like cheesy fun.

Joel said...

She's the Man is NOT great cinema. In fact, it is highly uneven in about 90% of its aspects. But hey, who said you can't have fun in comedies. Amanda Bynes is so wild and crazy that her performance almost becomes tour-de-force (in its own way). Just fun stuff.

Okay, I'll rent Let the Right One In over Spring Break, which starts the 21st for me. :)