Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just saw this at www.joblo.com

Very cool looking. Sam Mendes' latest hits theaters this summer.


Wayne said...

This looks pretty damn good to me. It bugs me how many people are comparing it to JUNO simply b/c of the quirko-indie hand-sketched font on the poster. This looks so much more genuine than that phony collection of hipsterisms.

Hope it's a return to form for Mendes, as I found REVOLUTIONARY ROAD to be a hard sit. Burbs=hell. Got it, Sam. We got it in 1999 when you said it the first time.

Additionally, JARHEAD is so underrated it's not even funny.

Actionman said...

Yeah, Away We Go looks like it'll be much richer and more realistic than Juno, a film I enjoyed but have completely forgotten about. The fact that the posters are similar in tone will get people comparing them, but something tells me that the material in Away We Go is going to be a bit more mature and honest than the stuff in Juno.

I thought Revolutionary Road was fantastic, but I do agree that it was a tough sit. I did find it to be superior to American Beauty, a film I believe to be overrated. Fight Club came out the same year, said the same stuff, and did it much better. And while Revolutionary Road and American Beauty do share some tonal similarities, I do think they are very different animals.

Jarhead is amazing -- totally misunderstood and completely underrated. I love looking at that film -- Deakins' camerawork was stunning in that film, and aside from his work in Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal hasn't been better.

And I still love watching Road to Perdition, even if I liked the original ending with Hanks' son killing Law better.