Monday, July 20, 2009


Push (C-) should have been much better than it ended up being. Stylishly directed (but to no end) by Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin, Gangster No. 1), this poorly written sci-fi movie scores some points for taking it's X-Men-derivative plot (people with mutant-like super-powers are pursued by a shadowy group who wants them killed) and setting all of the sci-fi proceedings in a gritty, real-world milieu. Low budget sci-fi can work when the writing is sharp and the ideas are strong, but everything in Push's narrative is a muddle, and the weak dialogue doesn't help matters. Chris Evans is a fun actor to watch and the rest of the cast is decent, but the movie looks like it cost about $25 to make, and while McGuigan tarts his film up with lots of stylistic tics and flourishes, the film never really clicks into high-gear. Clearly aiming for a franchise, the filmmakers probably won't be getting their wish.

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Joel said...

I gave it (in your grading system) a C+ (**1/2). I thought it was very stylishly directed by McGuigan, but all the way through I was wondering: what the fuck is going on here? It's like Ebert said in his review, "'Push' has vibrant cinematography and decent acting, but I'm blasted if I know what it's about." The plot is utterly unapproachable and convoluted and simplistic but under the guise of being "complex." Dark Knight was complex. Push is the opposite.