Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've been away for the last 12 days on my honeymoon. We first went to The Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch, NH. Then we went to Montreal. We finished up in NYC for the weekend. It went perfect. Here's some snaps:

We arrive at The Balsams and grab drinks at The Tavern.

Breakfast at The Balsams. Always an event.

Us in front of a rushing waterfall (it rained every day) at The Balsams.

The facade.

Us at dinner at The Balsams

Taking a practice swing on the one morning when it didn't rain.

The Panorama Golf Course at The Balsams. I shot an 89; played the best round of my life. Though Erica dropped a 75-foot chip shot from the outer rough. It was a mind-blowing moment.

Taking down a lobster.

4th of July fireworks at The Balsams. This picture doesn't do it any justice.

Our favorite spot in Montreal -- a little Suisse chocolatier who made some of the best frozen chocolate drinks we've ever tasted. The guy knew us by name by the end of the week.

Breakfast at Eggspecations in Montreal. I swear the cook was a coke addict and his powder got mixed into my food because I was higher than a mother-fucker after eating this dish. Strawberry-bannana french toast where the fruit has been cooked in Brandy. I broke out into a cold sweat for about 45 minutes after eating it. The world around me looked sped up like it does in action movies when the d.o.p. undercranks the shutter to make everthing look crisp and fast.

Notre-dame Basillica in Old Montreal.

Light from The 30th Annual Jazz Festival in Montreal.

Listening to some tunes at the Jazz Festival.

A Pagoda at the Botanical gardens in Montreal.

Erica looking all bad-ass.

Botanical gardens.

More botanical gardens.

One more garden shot for good measure.

Dinner at Gibby's in Old Montreal. The place is an institution. I had a Parmesan/breadcrumb/dijon mustard crusted strip steak. Medium rare. Erica went with the Filet Mignon. Truly incredible.

The happy couple in the throws of a steak-gasm.

Probably the best photo I've ever taken. About 30 minutes after an intense sun-shower. The streets of Old Montreal.

Another shot I love.

Nice light.

Nice clouds.

A hungry little bird that I fed while having a pizza on Crescent street in Montreal.

The best frozen chocolate drinks of all time. Dark-chocolate orange and white-chocolate Toblerone.

The bathroom at the Soho Grand hotel in Soho, NY.

There's Italian food and then there's Angelo's on Mulberry (at Grand). Linguine alla Vongole and Rigatoni alla Vodka with chicken. Can't be beat. The oldest (and best) restaurant in Little Italy.

Us at Angelo's.

Soho. Sunday morning at about 11am.

Public garden in Soho.

Our in-room gold-fish at The Soho Grand.

The Soho Grand.

The best restaurant meal I've ever eaten. Asia de Cuba on Madison Ave at the Morgans Hotel. Strip steak in an orange seseame-soy marinade with Honeydew/Cantaloupe slaw, with chicpea fries. Unfuckingreal.

Outside of the Soho Grand.

The Chocolate Opera Cake at Asia de Cuba. It tastes as intense as it looks.

On the movie front, we saw Transformers 2 in a museum-style Imax theater and I literally shit myself in my seat. We also saw Under the Sea: 3-D at the Science Museum in Montreal. It was a blast.
Tomorrow is Public Enemies. Bruno on Tuesday.

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