Monday, July 13, 2009


We got married on Sunday, June 28th, 2009. Nicholas and Erica Clement. The weather was beautiful. My wife looked extraordinary. The food was sensational. Everyone partied. Everything went perfect. Take a peek.

Our sweet-heart table, next to the cake (natch).

The Perennial Garden at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, CT.

We named the various guest tables after some of our favorite movies. We sat at True Romance, natch.

My father (and best man) giving his amazing speech.

Me kissing the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

My groomsmen: Jed, John, Matt, Mike. My other groomsmen, Lon, was helping my grandparents get settled. Thanks for all of the help, buddy.

Happy. Relieved. Excited.

The name-cards for our guests.

The kiss of our lives.

People hard at work, making it all look smashing.

Elizabeth Park. We got lucky. It was 75 degrees. Breezy. Nobody was sweating. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

A big moment right here.

Aren't we a bunch of tough guys.

Our Right Stuff/Michael Bay hero shot/Reservoir Dogs moment.

Erica's sister, Denise (matron of honor), Erica, and her mother, Rhonda.

Cocktail hour.

Me dancing with my beautiful sister, Marisa (she was a bridesmaid).

Lon gets a hug from the groom.

The two men in Erica's life.

I'm a lucky duck. Our first dance.

I love kissing her.

A sweet little shot.

Pure happiness.

My mom, ever the perfectionist, working some last-minute magic on the cake table. Martha Stewart a'int got shit on my mother.

One of my groomsmen, Matt, with his lovely parents.

My parents. Cute, huh?

Lon escorting my grandparents, who made the trip from Naples, Florida. He's 93. She's 83. And they're still full of life.

My parents walking me down to the ceremony spot.

Erica with her parents.

My sister looking all dramatic and teary.

My cousin Gabe, my grandpa Lou, my uncle Peter.

They played during the ceremony in the garden.

My dad and his daughter.

My dad and his poker buddies.

Cutting the cake. Marble cake with mocha-cappuccino mousse. Yes, we put a slice in the freezer for next June.

Our Justice of the Peace (Shelley), me, my dad, Jed.

The cake.

My mother, Erica, and Erica's mother.

Erica's father, Bill, gets a dance with his gorgeous daughter.

Bill giving his speech.

Me and all my boys.

A lifetime of happines awaits.

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giggles said...

DUDE. Man! Congratulations!!!
(Here thru Lemmy Caution. I love movies.)
I had to comment...nobody commented yet.... Too important not to.... Great pics!! Loverly family, day, party, bride!