Monday, July 20, 2009


Bruno (A-) is yet another uncomfortably hilarious mockumentary from Sacha Baron Cohen, who previously brought Borat to the big screen. I'll have a full reaction up at some point soon (probably in a summer movie wrap-up piece) but if you're a fan of Cohen's, or if you want to see something that's so sexually outrageous and envelope pushing that your jaw will utterly hit the floor in astonishment, go see Bruno. I cannot believe that the MPAA gave this movie an R-rating. It's also, like Borat, an extremely sad piece of commentary about how close-minded many people are in this country. The distinct (and sometimes hateful) levels of homophobia caught by Cohen's cameras in this movie is disturbing (yet unsurprising); I can only imagine a litany of law-suits will be sent Cohen's way. But you know what -- most of the people that Cohen destroys in this film can go fuck themselves -- when you operate like a Neanderthal (or an outright hate monger -- Mr. "Gay-Converter," I'm looking at you!), you deserve to get ripped on. Cohen is a fearless performer; the level of commitment he brings to the role of Bruno is just ridiculous and requires a special sort of talent that few other big screen comics could ever hope to possess. Bruno is a very funny, extremely raunchy movie that will shock and appall many people, but delight those of us who are able to find humor in the most awkward (and humiliating) of places. Directed by Larry Charles (Borat, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Religulous), this logistically challenging movie could not have been easy to make. It really is something else.


Joel said...

Apparently it was cut from an NC-17 but just barely. Makes me more exciting for the pushing of envelopes. :P

Joel said...

I meant it makes me more excited. I'm not very exciting.