Friday, July 17, 2009


I'll be seeing Bruno tomorrow. Really looking forward.

I've got the indie sci-fi actioner Push on DVD. I've also got Waltz with Bashir on DVD.

There are three smaller movies that have just been released near me but the theater they're playing in sucks so bad that it's tough to justify plunking down $10 per ticket to sit in a theater from the 70's that hasn't seen any upgrades. Whatever Works, Moon, and Away We Go are the titles in question. Very annoying.


Joel said...

Wanna see Bruno, but probably won't. Push is stylish but inconceivable in the worst way. Paul McGuigan directs with style something that just doesn't deserve such good direction. Didn't get the movie, but hey, I'll be interested to see what you think. We disagreed on Hancock but agreed on Jumper, so this'll be interesting.

Moon looks absolutely brilliant, but it isn't playing here in Dallas, so I'll wait for DVD. Whatever Works...maybe, not sure. Away We Go is definitely a rental. Looks like a terrific vehicle for Jim Halp--ahem, um, John Krasinski, sorry.

Actionman said...

Why wouldn't you go see Bruno if you want to see it? Confused...

I am looking forward to Push because I liked the trailers but my expectations (based on the critical response) are low.

Joel said...

I'll probably rent Borat and Bruno as a double feature. Makes sense. They're, you know, Borat...and Bruno. So I won't go see it, I'll watch it at home. They both look hysterical and apparently are. These reviews seem to lead me believe that: and Talk about raving.

Actionman said...

Yes, they will make for a great double feature (assuming Bruno is as funny as most people claim it is).

You should rent/buy Da Ali G show. Priceless stuff.