Sunday, October 25, 2009


I went to see A Serious Man today, the new film from the Coen Brothers, and as per usual, I was blown away. I can't wait to watch it again and start discussing it in this space. It's one of the richest films of the year, and easily one of the best. Daaark. So funny. So tight. So precise. So Yiddish. It's a perfect movie the more I think about it.

I had a big DVD weekend, so in the next few days, look for a DVD round-up, with the likes of Land of the Lost, Sin Nombre, Management, and Drag Me to Hell up for discussion. I liked them all, some more than others. Sin Nombre was definitely the best of the bunch. And I think that Land of the Lost is destined to become a stoner/frat classic. It's hardly great (it's a mess to be honest), but it made me laugh. A lot.


Chase Kahn said...

Hopefully this means you hated "Drag Me to Hell", I'm not ashamed to say that I didn't get it at all.

"A Serious Man" is the best film that I've seen in two years. Since I saw it twice two weekends ago, I've lost several hours of sleep thinking about it, just brilliant. From the crazy dybbuk prologue to the final shot, it's spotless.

"Sin Nombre" is quality stuff.

Actionman said...

I didn't hate Drag Me to Hell, but I didn't love it either. Though I loved the last 30 seconds...

Sin Nombre was an intense, gritty, yet often beautiful movie that really brought the visceral.

And yeah...I get the sense that the more I think about A Serious Man, the more I am going to just love it. The prologue was genuinely original and yes, the final moments are a thing of perfection.

Sy Abelman.

Joel said...

Ah, liked "Land of the Lost." But I'll be fine. I just found it appalling in every way possible like no movie has been this year. No, not even "Terminator Salvation." And I didn't laugh. Not once. Half-chuckle at McBride being high, but that was it. An F movie the whole way through.

Kind of sad to hear that you weren't crazy about "Drag Me to Hell" as I was. I was just highly entertained for the whole time. I will never think of goats the same way again.

Goddamn it, I wanna see "Sin Nombre" but my schedule's a bitch. Maybe this weekend I can watch it. Maybe.

Marshall said...

Yuck, I hated "Sin Nombre."

Watch "City of God" : the caliber of movie "Sin Nombre" wanted to deliver but couldn't muster.

Actionman said...

I have seen City of God probably 10times (twice in theaters). The film is one of the best of the decade. Sin Nombre did evoke City of God, but it wasn't quite as good. Still, I felt it was a strong, eye-opening film.