Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One of my all-time favorite films.  Is it De Palma's best?  This new Criterion Blu Ray of Blow Out drops in April.


Joel said...

Gahhhhhh need to see this.

Also, next week (dunno what day yet), I'll be having a Crazy-Ass Double Feature with a friend: "Enter the Void" and "Dogtooth." I think it should be...interesting.

Oh and go to Apple and watch the full-length trailer for "Rubber." It's about a killer tire. And I'm DEAD.FUCKING.SERIOUS when I say it looks frightening.

Also, go here to listen to the entirety of that eerie song from the "Battle: Los Angeles" trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPH7LXPZFBo HAUNTING

Finally, I watched Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" recently. Fucking floored me. Loved every piece of it.

Actionman said...

Really anxious to see Dogtooth.

Can't wait to get my Enter the Void Blu Ray...

Rubber, eh? I will have to google it...

Thanks for the link to the Battle music -- it's a phenomenal piece of music

I am a big fan of Sunshine...upon first viewing the last 20 mins bothered me a bit but on subsequent viewings, I am not as bothered as I once was. It just took me by surprise (the inclusion of the sun-man-killer).

Joel said...

Yeah, at first, it was kinda bewildering. But upon reflection, the ending's about much more than just the inclusion of a deranged killer. And I loved it for the ballsy, provocative, unbridled nature of it all. Boyle's one of the great directors of our time ("127 Hours," "28 Days Later"). This is as triumphant as those two films, which are among my favorites of all time.