Sunday, January 23, 2011


Cold/flu season kept me out of the theater this weekend.  Hope to see The Way Back next weekend.  Still gonna try and catch The Green Hornet at some point this week.

Watched Paper Man last night.  Really, really enjoyed it. Bittersweet and funny and offbeat. Big fan of Emma Stone. Why doesn't Jeff Daniels work more? He's awesome. Ryan Reynolds nailed it as the imaginary superhero. A nice little film with a lot of heart and some sadness mixed in.

Might watch Dinner for Schmucks via HD On Demand.

I've been watching HBO's The Ricky Gervais Show all morning long.  Utterly hysterical.


Lon said...

Wow. Feel better. You have exactly 2 weeks to shake it.

Actionman said...

We spent yesterday re-painting the guest room.

Joel said...



Anyway, feel better. I was sick a couple weeks ago. I think I had flu one day, RSV for four days, and then Hand Foot Mouth Disease for six or seven, all in a row with no breaks in between. It was HELL.

Oh and "No Strings Attached" is a bright, sunny surprise. Good chick flick. Greta Gerwig should be in everything; stole the movie.

Actionman said...

wow, sounds like you just went thru hell.

watched schmucks...i laughed despite the stupidity of the entire thing. it needed to be a hard-R with a lot more focus and a lot more balls. still, i laughed a few times.