Friday, January 14, 2011


Theatrical options for this weekend include:  The King's Speech, Blue Valentine, Rabbit-Hole, and I Love You, Philip Morris.  Not sure what I will see and when I will see it but with this available lineup, I'd wager a guess and say that I'll see at least two of the above mentioned films.

I plan on checking out The Green Hornet 3-D this coming week after work on a matinee.

The Dilemma is a Netflix rental (at most...)

From Netflix is the indie rom-com The Freebie.


Lon said...

Lucky you. Movie like these never open in LA. Will wait for dvd I guess.

Actionman said...

haha -- does that mean you'll be seeing some of these this weekend as well?

Joel said...

It's my duty to inform you that "The Green Hornet" is the strangest and possibly the most inconsequential movie of 2011. And it's still January. It's...interesting...but I wouldn't recommend it.