Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Two of my favorite collaborators, Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay (THE ROCK, BAD BOYS 1 & 2), are apparently in negotiations with HBO to produce a mini-series based on Billy Corben's kick-ass documentary COCAINE COWBOYS, which revolved around the early drug running efforts of the Colombian cartels in Miami during the early '80's. No word on whether or not Bay would direct any of the episodes, and no writer has been attached yet to the project.

It's weird not to have a summer movie season with an entry from Bay or Bruckheimer, but this year, that's the deal. Bruckheimer has three projects set for release in 2009; the CG-kid flick G-FORCE, the rom-com SHOPAHOLIC with Isla Fisher, and the epic action-adventure THE PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME, which sounds like JB's attempt to milk the fantasy genre for a few more bucks. Bay is currently in production on TRANSFORMERS 2, which hits theaters next summer.


Wayne said...

Here's where you and I disgree. I think these two peddle garbage, with very few exceptions. TRANSFORMERS was without question the most excrutiating thing I sat through last year. Same goes for BAD BOYS, ARMAGEDDON, and PEARL HARBOR.

Actionman said...

For what they do, I don't think there's anyone else out there doing it better.

The Rock is Bay's best film by a long shot. Transformers was all about the special effects, and I was blown away. Armageddon was cheesy fun and while Pearl Harbor had a shitty script, the action sequences were mind-blowing.

Bruckheimer has produced some shit, to be sure, but he's also made some of the very best action thrillers of all time. Beverly Hills Cop 1, Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, The Rock, Bad Boys 1 and 2, and last but not least, Black Hawk Down (the best combat film of all time) all speak for themselves. I also loved all three Pirates films.

I like how Bruckheimer and Bay still keep it real with their action scenes, only relying in visual effects when absolutely necessary. And when they do lean on computer effects, you get the very best that money can buy. Nobody does honest-to-goodness explosions like these two guys.

I've loved their aesthetic as long as I've been a movie fan and I also had the chance to work for them so that plays into my enjoyment for most things Bruck/Bay.

Actionman said...

And why did you think Transformers was the most excruciating sit of last year? I can think of 20 movies that were MUCH, MUCH worse than Transformers.

Visually speaking, were you not impressed?

Wayne said...

Well, that IS cool that you got to work with them. And I'm not really saying much about Bruckheimer on his own, but I just don't respond well to Michael Bay's work at all. His attempts at serious moments are laughably ham fisted, his attempts at humor routinely land flat on their face, and his action sequences just bore me to death. I find that when I criticize him, I'm often told that "it ain't Shakespeare". But I don't even go expecting that. I go for thrills ,but don't receive them. But they make assloads of money, so I'm in the minority here.

Wayne said...

As for TRANSFORMERS..in a word..EVERYTHING. I just wanted robots clanging around, but I had to sit through Shia LaBeoff and Maxim Girl #4,564's storyline which didn't fly at all, and then a pointless storyline from the soldier's perspective, the worst performance of John Turturo's career, a comic robot set piece staged as if it were dinner theatre, and FINALLY when we got to the action....it was boring. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Actionman said...

Interesting comments on Transformers...I guess I enjoyed it for all the reasons you didn't. But that's OK, there's 31 flavors out there...

The action sequences in Transformers, were, for me, tantamount to an action-movie wet-dream. That last battle is something I've watched repeatedly and it just stuns me every time I watch it. I shudder to think what kind of action he comes up with for the sequel. I didn't care about the silly story and the cheesy romance, especially since Megan Fox is so fucking hot. I mean seriously, she's beyond hot. In a trashy, slutty way but hot nonetheless. I also thought the scene with the robots hiding from Shia's parents was priceless in it's genial stupidity. If there was a movie that Bay was born to make, it was Transformers.

However, I do agree with you that Bay's attempts at making serious films are pretty laughable. He doesn't really know how to direct actors and any chance he gets at honest dramatics don't ever really work. He's an images guy, and he makes 'em prettier than anyone else. That's the only thing I have on my mind when I sit down to watch his films. It's why I'm able to watch Bad Boys 2 at pretty much any given moment of any given day; it's the visceral impact his action scenes carry that impresses me.

Also, I think The Island is pretty underrated; that film had a cool story/script that was unjustly panned. And some amazing action sequences as well, especially with the jet-bike. Scarlett Johnasson was also ridiculously hot in the film as well.