Monday, May 5, 2008


One of the best parts of the summer movie season are the trailers you see in front of each blockbuster that gets released. I am going to post my reactions to all of the trailers I see during the summer movie season. This past weekend, in front of IRON MAN, there were four trailers:


I just don't think this looks any good. The CGI is bad, the action looks weak, and as much as I like Ed Norton and Tim Roth, this just seems like a second-rate effort. All of the major action set-pieces look like they are straight out of a video game. I'm now thinking that this will be one of the bigger bombs of the summer. There was zero audience reaction from the sold-out crowd in Hollywood.


Quite possibly one of my least favorite trailers ever. This movie looks like a total piece of shit. Absolutely nothing looks funny in this "comedy." Any movie with Jessica Alba AND Justin Timberlake in it is bound to suck big-time. Mike Myers looks like he's totally lost it. If I have to sit through this trailer again I will just close my eyes for two minutes. The audience wasn't exactly in stitches, though there was more laughter than there should have been.


This film looks like a masterpiece. And to be honest, at this point, from what I've heard about the film and what I've read about the film, it will be a disappointment (and sort of a shock), if THE DARK KNIGHT isn't one of the best (if not the best) superhero movies ever made. This trailer is gorgeous, iconic, and beautifully cut together. The final shot of Batman gliding over Gotham at night is simply glorious. I am extremely excited for this film, and judging from the round of applause the trailer received at its conclusion, lots of other people are as well.


This film is going to be huuuuge. I predict it will be the one and only summer movie from 2008 to gross over $300 million domestic, though anything's possible as I never thought IRON MAN would open to over $100 million this past weekend (it's a lock for $250 million domestic at the very least...) There was continuous applause during this trailer, with big outbursts when Shia Lebeouf made his appearance, and at the finale of the trailer. People are f'ing pumped to see this film, at least people who go to the movies in the Dome at the Arclight. The film itself looks like a grand-slam, but I am getting the impression that Speilberg and Lucas aren't showing a lot of the bigger moments from the film. And if that's the case, I am very pleased because it will be nice not to have everything spoiled for the audience before the film finally opens. One thing is for certain: hearing that John Williams score sends shivers down my spine. And Harrison Ford looks like he's right at home. Very excited for this one, May 22 will be here sooner than later!

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Wayne said...

DARK KNIGHT trailer rules, HULK looks dull, LOVE GURU looks terrible.

As much as I love Indy, and as much as I would love for it to be a good movie....I'm not entirely won over by the trailer. I'm not sure why. Perhaps seeing Lucasfilm on anything anymore makes me hate thing. I really hope it's good.