Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Variety just posted an article about a new David Ignatius novel called THE INCREMENT that Jerry Bruckheimer has just bought. It's being described as "a geopolitical thriller," which will be published by WW Norton next year. Apparently, the title "refers to a shadowy, elite group of British undercover intelligence operatives who are conscripted by a CIA agent to help a weapons scientist defect from Iran." Sounds very cool. What's even better is that insiders claim that the novel is "very dark" and involves an invasion of Iran. Ignatius, who is a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote the 2007 novel BODY OF LIES, which was recently adapted by William Monahan (THE DEPARTED). Ridley Scott just finished directing the thriller, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Warner Brothers releases the film this October. I wonder what the tone of this film will be? Bruckheimer is known more for his bombastic, over-the-top style. Will this be more like THE ROCK or BLACK HAWK DOWN? ENEMY OF THE STATE, another political thriller that he produced back in 1998, was a nifty political potboiler as well. No screenwriter has been signed to adapt the novel and no director is attached yet either. This project has some serious potential.

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