Monday, May 5, 2008


Throughout the last six years of living in Hell-A, a.k.a. Los Angeles, I've had numerous run-ins with celebrities, either as a result of being in the right place at the right time, or as a result of the various jobs I've held in the industry. However, this past weekend, the fiancee and I had two rather intense celebrity encounters.

We saw John Malkovich (DANGEROUS LIASONS, CON AIR, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH) on Pico Blvd in West Los Angeles, eating Red Mango frozen yogurt in front of the Red Mango shop across from the Landmark movie theater. He was pacing up and down the street, eating his frozen treat (which had berries on it if I recall correctly), and peering into the various newspaper vendor boxes; like he was scanning all of the headlines. He looked slightly disheveled; baggy jeans, white sneakers, a cotton sport jacket that was a little too big. He finished his yogurt, used the trash can for his refuse, and then walked across a busy street, not in the cross-walk, and got into a red Pontiac (rental car?). We were waiting for one of our friends to join us for Red Mango yogurt as well, so while she was parking, we were treated to this extended celebrity sighting, which to be honest, was pretty f'ing strange. Malkovich seems like an odd guy; at one point he was walking repeatedly back-and-forth directly in front of us, almost waiting for us to say something to him. Actors...

Then, on Sunday in Malibu....

The Governator showed up at the Malibu Kitchen/shopping complex with the family (Maria Shriver and some of the kids were there as well). We were eating at one of the tables in front of the Malibu Country Kitchen (best bbq pulled-pork with slaw sandwich ever) and he and his 5-point security detail waltzed past us. The voice was unmistakable. He went into the Shabby Chic home store for about 30 minutes as we finished eating. He walked past us on his way back to his car (a loaded Mercedes SUV) while about 15 paparazzi's snapped away. It was absolutely surreal. We were as close as 2 feet from him at one point. He was very leathery/plasticy looking with a day-glo orange tan. Very short as well. It was quite intense.

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