Friday, May 30, 2008


Tomorrow is SEX AND THE CITY. My fiancee is beyond excited. As I was a fan of the show when it aired on HBO, I'm looking forward to it as well. Early word is that box office receipts for opening day are through-the-f'ing-roof. Reviews have been mixed overall but it sounds like if you enjoyed the show you'll enjoy the flick.

Sunday I am planning on seeing THE FALL, from the filmmaker Tarsem (THE CELL). It's only playing in select cities at the moment, and I doubt that it will ever get a wide release. The film looks amazing (judging from its trailer) and sounds extremely interesting. A link to Roger Ebert's four star review can be found here:


Biff said...

Personally, I thought the show was garbage. I found it very shallow and superficial. You're better off seeing something else or throwing in a dvd.

Actionman said...

That's because you don't have a good, well-rounded sense of humor.

Biff said...
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lou said...

Nick thanks for the reviews found them most helpfull
can't wait to see THE FALL and I would not have known about this film if not for your blog.
You are doing a great service to the movie public....

P.S. I think Biff should get a life and get out in the world

Lou S Rye ny

Actionman said...

Glad you like my stuff, Lou! Thanks for reading.

Check out The Fall in NYC; it's worth the trip into the city.