Saturday, May 31, 2008


SEX AND THE CITY was a fun movie. It was exactly what I expected it to be for the most part, but certainly better than you'd imagine given some of the nastier (and quite sexist) reviews from the nation's "critics." If you were a fan of the show, there's pretty much no way that you won't be satisfied with the movie. And if the reaction from our sold out crowd is any indication, word of mouth on this chick-flick will be HUGE. It opened to roughly $26 million yesterday, so an opening in the high 60's for the weekend is expected. And good for all involved. Writer/director Michael Patrick King delivered precisely the kind of entertainment that a fan of the original show could ever want. And even at two hours and twenty minutes, the movie breezed by with no lagging. My full review will be posted soon but I will say that I enjoyed it, I laughed, and my fiancee is ready to get back in line to see it again.

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