Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Star Trek Blu Ray launches today. I was a big fan of this film when I saw it in the theaters last summer...really looking forward to seeing how crisp and clean this looks on Blu Ray.


Joel said...

Buying this once I get off work this morning. CAN'T. WAIT. Not sure if I'll buy the BluRay, as they are insanely expensive, but then this is a movie that will look terrific nonetheless, no? :D Still one of my favorites of the year. Certain to be on my top ten.

Actionman said...

The Blu Ray is $19.99 @ Best Buy

Joel said...

Wish I'd've known that. I bought it and just finished watching it. Stunning visuals. Like, drool-worthy pretty much.

And somehow, I think Giacchino's score might be nominated. And I think that the film itself has good chance to go the "Star Wars '77" route and be nominated, with this new 10-nominee thing going on. Because I believe it's going to be as influential. I know that the original "Star Wars" amazed me as a four-year-old child and is the reason I kept watching these things called "movies." I wouldn't be surprised if the new and improved "Star Trek" does the same to another four-year-old in a few years. :) Just a wondrous film.