Friday, November 13, 2009


I want to see the special effects in 2012, but the rest of the movie looks and sounds like a giant turd. It's annoying because I really do want to see the visual effects on the big screen, but I just have no desire to sit through the actual film itself. And to make matters worse -- the film is 2 hours and 40 minutes! I think I'll wait until Blu Ray.

From Netflix I've got the French rom-com Love Etc., and from Blockbuster I've got this summer's critically reviled rom-com The Ugly Truth. It looks like harmless crap, but I'm a fan of Gerry Butler, and even though Heigl is apparently an uber-biatch, she's easy to look at for 90 minutes.

An Education opens up at the one art house in the area, so if I don't see that this weekend, I'll see it sooner than later.

Fantastic Mr. Fox has opened, but only in NY and LA for the moment; it looks like a cute romp. I'll see it when it plays near me.


Joel said...

I was lucky enough to find out that "Precious" is playing in my area, and I saw it today. Nick, what a devastating movie. It is the best film of the year by a good mile. Mo'Nique absolutely terrified me. One of the great performances. Not RECENT. Just in general. See it when you get the chance.

Actionman said...

Interesting, Joel. If there's one movie for the rest of the year that I have ZERO interest in seeing, it's Precious. I cannot bring myself to care about seeing it. I hear the performances are great; I'm just not interested in seeing that particular story.