Monday, July 12, 2010


I am basically foaming at the mouth to see the new (and supposedly mostly silent) Viking epic Valhalla Rising. The director is the incredible Nicolas Winding-Refn (the mesmerizing and brilliant Bronson). From what I've heard, Valhalla Rising is like a Terrence Malick film crossed with some period-action/horror elements which relies heavily on dialogue-free visual storytelling. Like I mentioned a moment ago -- FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. The tatted actor in the shot above is the awesome Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, King Arthur, After the Wedding). I've read some superb reviews for Valhalla, which opens in NY/LA on 7/23. I am almost positive (but not certain) that it will also hit On-Demand next weekend (got my fingers and toes crossed).

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Joel said...

Been meaning to see "Bronson." Will be doing so very soon.

Maybe "Valhalla Rising" will make for an awesome double feature. Lauren Wissot over at Slant Magazine implies that it's like Terrence Malick directed a Stanley Kubrick screenplay with Jerry Bruckheimer producing. UM. I'M THERE.