Friday, July 2, 2010


It's kind of funny how the critics have completely and utterly crucified M. Night over The Last Fartbender, er, I mean, Airbender. I have next to no interest in the film. So, sadly, this will be the rare July 4th weekend without a trip to the theater (a crime in my estimation).

From Netflix is the B&W German film The White Ribbon. I've heard nothing but tremendous stuff.

I watched the Robert Pattinson melodrama Remember Me earlier this week. A solid film, better than I expected after reading some terrible reviews. Pattinson has decent chops as an actor but it was Lost's Emilie de Ravin who stole the film. The finale was EXTREMELY bold, and I'm still wrestling with it a bit from a decision-making P.O.V., but overall, I liked the film. Director Allen Coulter showed some style chops and any movie benefits from having Chris Cooper in its ensemble. Also, Pierce Brosnan showed that he plays a great a-hole. I thought the film veered into too-easy sentimentality at times, but it's the sort of film that wears its heart on its sleeve -- unabashed melodrama. In this cinematic day and age you sort of have to respect that.

The Wolfman, Edge of Darkness, The Killer Inside Me, and Ondine are all available On Demand. Would love to check at least one of those out over the long weekend...


Joel said...

I saw three movies this week.

"Get Him to the Greek" was absolutely freaking hysterical for almost its entire length. Jonah Hill was excellent, but Russell Brand was INCREDIBLE as Aldous Snow. The movie was one unbelievably raunchy gag after the next and it worked. It also slows down during the final fifteen minutes to be almost lyrical and exquisite. No joke. Loved it.

"Eclipse" was pretty awesome, but I won't try to make you see that one. But for me--an unlikely fan of the series--it was a huge knockout.

"The Last Airbender" (yes, I saw it) is easily one of the worst of the year, but I'm not gonna go out on a limb and say it's the worst. Not in the year that crap like "Valentine's Day" was released. Plus, the movie has some amazing effects, which automatically disqualifies it from being worthless. Also, the last twenty minutes were at least interesting, and Dev Patel was the only actor who gave a committed, quality performance. So...terrible, yes. Irredeemable trush, no.

Joel said...

*trash, I should say.

Oh and I'm glad you liked "Remember Me." That film worked on many different levels for me. The ending was unforgettable.

Actionman said...

Joel -- glad you loved Greek. I am going to see it Monday on my day off. Can't wait. Have heard/read nothing but great stuff.

As you know, I am no Twi-hard, but glad to know you enjoyed it.

Fartbender...well...I guess the less said the better.

And yeah, Remember Me, you may have liked it a bit more than I did, but I will say, it's stuck with me over the last few days, and I was certainly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It's quite dark and fucked-up, however.