Friday, July 16, 2010


Inception. Sunday. End of story. Looks deliriously good.

From Netflix is the kiddie flick Mouse Hunt (I saw it once a while back; want to refresh my memory).

I enjoyed Predators; I'll have a quick write-up soon.

Also, I've got a Blu Ray round-up coming soon which will highlight the following titles: Wolfman, Brooklyn's Finest, Chloe, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Shall We Kiss?, The White Ribbon, and The Book of Eli.


Joel said...

I saw "Inception" last night with a couple friends, and let me just warn you: Don't even think you can have write-up after the first time you see it. And possibly not the second time, either. Or even maybe the third. I dunno. It's a labyrinth, and a damn good one. Still kind of reeling from it.

Ugh, "The Book of Eli"...

S. Hans said...

That being said....please write it up soon, because I can't wait to hear your thoughts. I feel like we could have a panel discussion on this one.

Also how about some pics of the new home :)

Miss ya!

Actionman said...

Sara -- I'll def send you some pix, check your email.

LOVED Inception. As Joel says, it must be seen a few times. But from the first viewing, I feel confident to say that it represents something of a masterwork.