Friday, July 23, 2010


Double feature Saturday this weekend. Cyrus and The Kids Are All Right.

Salt next Tuesday after work. Looks slick and entertaining. I'm a big fan of Phil Noyce (Rabbit Proof Fence, Clear & Present Danger).

Nothing from Netflix for this weekend (waiting on my next disc; just sent back the crazy/dark kids movie Mousehunt which is pretty insane) but the new Todd Solondz film Life During Wartime hits On-Demand. Need to check that one out ASAP (and please note: this will probably be the only paragraph ever written with the movies Mousehunt and Life During Wartime mentioned in the same space).


Joel said...

FINALLY seeing "The Kids Are All Right" late tonight and am psyched. Easily one of my most anticipated of the rest of the summer. "Cyrus" tomorrow late morning, ironically enough.

I'll be seeing "Salt" tomorrow afternoon with a friend, I believe.

Also said friend downloaded some films onto my PlayStation 3, so I'll probably put one of those on during late nights. My parents are gone for the weekend, and I'm fairly unbusy, so it gives me a good opportunity, I'd say.

Lon said...

Did you know that life during war time is 3 hours?

Joel said...

Nope. It's 96 minutes, Lon.