Thursday, July 15, 2010


I love all of these films.


Joel said...

You know, I was hoping I wasn't the only fan of "Alien: Resurrection." Extremely stylish.

But "Aliens" is easily the best.

Actionman said...

Alien is still my favorite.

LOVED Resurrection -- as you said, extremely stylish. Have you seen other films from Jeunet? City of Lost Children, A Very Long Engagement, and Amelie are must-see's.

Joel said...

I actually haven't yet! I'll be making a day of it down the road. He showed some great style chops in "Alien: Resurrection," which is a massively underrated film. Ebert called it "the best-looking bad movie [he's] ever seen." I would say it's fantastic-looking, but it's not bad AT.ALL. Not a perfect film, but it came much closer in quality to the first two than many critics gave it credit for.

And "Alien" is incredible, but "Aliens," for me, was the series' "The Dark Knight": an improvement over the already-stunning original.

Still...fantastic trilogy, and some of the best sci-horror out there. I need this box-set BAD.