Saturday, April 16, 2011



Joel said...

And I'll be in Basic. Lovely.

Actionman said...

Don't be surprised if they screen the film at various military installations. You know Bay and his love of/for the Armed Forces.

Joel said...

Let's hope this freakin' happens. Few movies are more anticipated by me at this point.

Three, to be exact:
1. "The Tree of Life"
2. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II"
3. "Drive" (will be seeing "Bronson" and hopefully "Valhalla Rising" before I leave)

Actionman said...

The Tree of Life and Drive are my top 2 to see for the rest of the year.

TF3 is certainly my #1 popcorn event for 2011...

When do you leave and where will Basic be located?

Joel said...

May 31, and Lackland Air Base in San Antonio (five or six hours from where I live). But I'll be placed away from the genuine base, so once I'm at tech school, I'll be able to see stuff. As of recently, they've started actually showing movies in a weekly format and keep up with American ones (i.e. "Scream 4" also just started at that base on Friday). It's an update along with a lot of other ones that the Armed Forces Entertainment & Media department made last year.

And yeah, that "Drive" was just put In Competition at Cannes Film Festival (along with "The Tree of Life" and von Trier's "Melancholia," to name only two) indicates it's a lot more than just a heist thriller, if you ask me.