Sunday, April 3, 2011


George Gallo directed the shit out of Middle Men. HUGELY entertaining. What an underrated movie. Totally engrossing from the start, this is a wild, seedy, true-life tale that has to be seen to be believed. Revels in T&A with some priceless bits of humor derived from coke-induced paranoia.  Makes for a nice double feature with Ted Demme's Blow

The Tourist was less a movie and more like a souffle. Totally harmless fluff. Had I spent $20 to see it in the theater I might've been disappointed. But for a $5 On Demand rental it was good enough. It's basically a fashion ad with Jolie prancing around Italy. It wasn't offensively bad, or as bad as all the "critics" made it out to be. But was totally lacking in anything that I hadn't seen before. And yet...I still enjoyed myself for the 104 minutes that it lasted. Go figure.  It was nice to see Depp play normal for a change.  Totally predictable but breezy and jaunty and again -- nothing to get all that pissed off about.


Joel said...

I enjoyed "The Tourist" quite a bit for 85 minutes. Then the twist came and ruined everything. It makes ABSOLUTELY.NO.SENSE. Up until then, I was having a pleasant time with some nice photography and an involving little caper, enjoying the film with absolutely no scrutiny but that twist was just poor writing. There is no lead-up or build-up or anything to make us believe what happens (not that we really needed to, but even in its own universe). It's certainly not awful. But they went way over their own heads and didn't appear to know how to make even a silly twist work.

Actionman said...

I guessed the twist about 20 mins it so it wasn't a big deal. It was a light little trifle and as such it was diverting enough.