Saturday, December 22, 2007


Peter Berg's gripping action film THE KINGDOM, released this past fall, was originally supposed to hit dvd shelves this coming Tuesday. However, due to the holidays, Universal released the disc yesterday (at least at Best Buy on Pico in West Los Angeles). After watching the film with the commentary supplied by Berg, I love the movie even more. He's a cool guy to listen to; informative, funny, and modest. The various documentaries detailing all forms of production on the film are also terrifc. I loved this film after I saw it at a test screening last April, and the second viewing upon regular theatrical release last September was equally as exciting. It's a no fat, no nonsense procedural with an exotic setting and some absolutely first rate action sequences. Sporting an R-rating, and earning it during some particularly brutal close-quarters shoot-outs, it's a visceral film that pulls no punches. It's also smart and timely; the dark coda packs a punch as well. If you missed this film in the theaters, well, shame on you. Check it out on DVD.


Breedlove said...

Just finished watching this on dvd. It's funny how expectations always color your impressions of a film...The Kingdom was very good but I have to stay I was hoping for a little more. I really loved Friday Night Lights (the film) and it's clear Berg is a badass director. I was hoping this would be a giant leap forward into Mann territory. But I actually think Friday Night Lights is a better movie than The Kingdom. It was good, it just felt a bit like Mann Lite. It was like a Mann movie without the really awesome performances you always get in a Mann movie (ironic since Berg is an actor and Mann isn't). And the screenplay didn't have the depth and complexity I was hoping it would. Again, good movie, solid B+, but I was really hoping for an A. The opening credit sequence was the best part of the film.

Actionman said...

I just watched this film again today with my father. I think it's one of the best action pictures in years