Friday, December 21, 2007


I am preparing to head back east for Christmas and I couldn't be any more excited; I have the red-eye on Sunday night, landing at 6am Connecticut time on Christmas eve. Time with family, good eating, my comfortable, old house in my quiet neighborhood. Away from all the annoyances and business of Los Angeles, I will be looking forward to some decompression time, and of course, seeing some films.

Here's a list of the remaining films I plan on seeing before the end of the year: SWEENEY TODD, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, I AM LEGEND, THE SAVAGES, WALK HARD, CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, THE KITE RUNNER, and THE GREAT DEBATERS. After I have seen those, I will then be able to create my final best and worst of the year list and comments, as well as my personal picks for the Academy Awards.

It's been a phenomenal year of movie watching, one of the best of my lifetime.


Stacy said...

what did you think of the new theater in WH?

Actionman said...

It's very nice. Great sound. A little small but it's a small-town theater. Overall, it's a nice place to see a film and the movie selection is excellent.