Saturday, December 22, 2007


Peter Berg's upcoming summer action flick HANCOCK, starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman, and Charlize Theron, has released it's first official trailer in Quicktime format....check out the craziness here:

Besides the fact that this movie will probably make a billion dollars next summer, this early footage indicates that this is going to be a big-budget summer action film with a different sort of edge. Michael Mann had been attached to direct this film for a long time, and in the end, retained a producer credit on the film (he was also a producer on Berg's THE KINGDOM, another film he was set to direct for a while). Exploring a dark, sloppy, drunk superhero who has lost his touch and adding an interesting romantic element to the story is certainly different than any of the recent exploits of SUPERMAN and SPIDERMAN. I'm excited and very curious about this film. Berg is working with his FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS cinematographer Tobias Schleisser, and the script is credited to some interesting writers. Oh yeah...Charlize Theron is pretty hot as well.


Breedlove said...

Charlize is The Hotness. Love her. Love Bateman too. I'd be more excited if he was playing the lead. This looks good but what's with the awful title?

Actionman said...

The original title was TONIGHT, HE COMES

I agree that HANCOCK is a weak title but what can you do?

trailers said...

i simply know the H264 encoded movies are the movies like the quicktime trailers