Friday, November 14, 2008


Without question I will be seeing the new James Bond adventure QUANTUM OF SOLACE. It looks like a blast. Plan on seeing it Sunday.

I'd also like to see ROLE MODELS with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott; hopefully will get to that one on Saturday.

I will probably re-watch CASINO ROYALE on Saturday night to get in the Bond spirit. I am really looking forward to QUANTUM OF SOLACE. I just want to see a tight action movie as there haven't been that many this year to hit theaters.

Nothing new from Netflix this weekend...DVD's are in the process of being shipped back so nothing new until next week. I watched a strange French comedy called HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME? last night and will have a mini-review in an upcoming DVD round-up. It was a fun, sexy, slightly incoherent movie with lots of delicious nudity courtesty of the stunning Monica Bellucci.

Happy viewing.


Joel said...

Not to burst any bubbles, but I wasn't too thrilled with "Quantum of Solace." ** out of **** Look for my review tomorrow night, or so.

Actionman said...

Interesting...I am seeing it this afternoon...thoughts will be posted soon after.

I watched Casino Royale last night and while it's well made and the action is fantastic, it's overlong and suffers from too much time at the card table.

I am looking for a pure jolt of action with Quantum; if that's what it delivers than I will be a happy guy.