Sunday, November 16, 2008


LOVED the new James Bond adventure. Cut from the same cloth as Paul Greengrass' THE BOURNEL ULTIMATUM, Marc Forster's QUANTUM OF SOLACE (****) is the best action picture of the year. Daniel Craig owns the role of Bond. Tight scripting and even tighter direction really propel this hard-edged movie; it's the darkest Bond yet. I found the film to be very stylish in an artsy, unique way and extremely kinetic with its cinematography and editing decisions. My full review will be posted soon, but I really, really had fun with this film and I can't wait to see it again. It's a rush. And what an explosive finale.


Joel said...

Wow. Can't agree with anything you just said, Nick. Sorry. I found it incomprehensible.

Actionman said...

What was incomprehensible? I watched Casino Royale last night just to make sure I was up to speed. The film made for a great conclusion to that film.

Curious to hear your thoughts. I will post my review soon.

But so you know, Bond is not a character to me that I have any real emotional investment in. Unlike my parents, who grew up with Bond when they were kids (and who enjoyed the film as well), I treat Bond like I treat Bourne, and Jack Bauer for that matter. I liked what Forster did visually with the picture. The gun-metal color scheme and unique coverage he brought to the action sequences weas guite stunning at times. The physical stunt work was fucking breathtaking. And the finale was just plain old awesome.

I really can't wait to see it again. I also really enjoyed the opening titles sequence; very stylish.

Joel said...

I seriously did not understand the plot, except the bare minimum (explained in my review). The action, for me, was an excuse to show off stunts, awesome though it may have been.

Actionman said...

Sorry to hear you didn't understand/like the film. I thought it added up just fine and never found it hard to follow. It acted like a gritty conclusion to what began in Casino Royale, while simultaneously creating something new with the Q.U.A.N.T.U.M. group.

I really enjoyed the film and love it even more as I think about it. I really enjoyed the action sequences and the stunts were some of the best that I've seen in a long time.

Will try and post my review in the next day or three.