Thursday, November 8, 2007


Per Variety:

"Twelve animated and CG-created pics took their first step in the Oscar race Thursday as they were submitted for best animated feature. Among the films submitted for consideration are "The Simpsons' Movie," "Alvin and the Chipmunks," "Ratatouille," "Meet the Robinsons,""Surf's Up," "TMNT," "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters," "Shrek the Third" and "Bee Movie." Also among those who were submitted is animation hybrid "Beowulf," which features live-action film mixed with CG tones. Adding international flare to the race is France's "Persepolis" and Japan's "Tekkonkinkreet." "Alvin," "Persepolis" and "Beowulf" were submitted but still need their required qualifying run in Los Angeles. Of the 12 entries, three will be chosen for the Oscar race. In order to have five nominees, 16 or more films must be submitted. The Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 22."

My personal bet for the three final nominees: RATATOUILLE, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, and....and...I'm not sure. Haven't seen BEOWULF yet but everyone is completely flipping out for it. PERSEPOLIS has been critically acclaimed and would be an artsy nomination for the category. That third slot will go to either BEOWULF or PERSEPOLIS. If you recall, the Academy snubbed Robert Zemeckis's then-enveloping pushing THE POLAR EXPRESS back in '04. BEOWULF is not a traditionally animated film or even a CG animated film along the lines of RATATOUILLE or SHREK; the IMAX and 3-D aspects, which while making the film a supposedly mind-blowing viewing experience, could hurt it among the older members of the Academy.

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