Saturday, November 10, 2007


1. American Gangster (Universal) - $7.4M - $2,419 PTA - $63.7M cume
2. Bee Movie (Dreamworks/Paramount) - $6.4M - $1,623 PTA - $52.6M cume
3. NEW -Fred Claus (Warner Bros) - $5.5M - $1,527 PTA - $5.5M cume
4. NEW – Lions for Lambs (MGM/UA) - $2.3M - $1,038 PTA - $2.3M cume
5. Dan in Real Life (Disney) - $1.81M - $937 PTA - $26.6M cume

AMERICAN GANGSTER remains on top--not surprised given how awesome the film is. BEE MOVIE is proving to be a good earner, though not a blockbuster. FRED CLAUS is a bomb. LIONS FOR LAMBS tanked, continuing the trend of big Hollywood films revolving around our current political climate that audiences don't care to see. DAN IN REAL LIFE is holding on to its modest success.

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