Friday, November 30, 2007


On Saturday I'll be checking out BEOWULF in IMAX 3-D....looking forward.

On Sunday I'll be checking out ENCHANTED at the new Arclight Sherman Oaks location; let's see if they come close to replicating the amazing Arclight Hollywood in the valley...

I have the Christian Bale mind-freak movie THE MACHINIST from Netflix so I'll check that out at some point. I've seen it, but my girlfriend was interested in seeing it. It's a good, dark, strange movie that's similar to MEMENTO.

If time permits, I'd also like to get to the theater to see THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY, but might have to wait for next weekend on that.

MARGOT AT THE WEDDING and THE SAVAGES are also options, but again, those will probably be on tap for next weekend. JUNO also opens next Wednesday, so suffice to say, there's a ton out that demands to be seen.

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