Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have seen the true face of cinematic evil. And that face belongs to the brilliant actor Javier Bardem. Bardem, who is one of the stars of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, scared the living shit out of me tonight. I am nowhere near ready to review the film, which is the single most gripping piece of filmmaking I have seen this year, but I am ready to say this: watch out. This film will eat you alive. The sold out crowd in Hollywood this evening was stunned, literally into silence as the credits rolled. It's a masterpiece, possibly the best film the Coens have ever made. Yup...maybe their best of all time.


Biff said...

Javier Bardem. Isn't he that guy that was in that movie with that girl? What was that girl's name? It was what's her face, right?

Philip said...

Exactly! she was sooo good. She was in that movie with that guy that I absolutely love. And she was sooo good in that too. I think I saw it like twice or maybe four times and each time she just made me soooo crazy. What's her name again?

Actionman said...