Friday, November 16, 2007


I am holding off on BEOWULF this weekend, as I plan to see it with my sister who will be visiting LA next week. We'll be catching a 3-D showing and my review will go up soon after. I am a HUGE fan of Robert Zemeckis, and even though I wish he'd go back to making regular movies again, I am always interested in whatever envelope-pushing technology he has up his sleeve. It's getting generally good reviews, with people flipping out over the 3-D presentation. I expect it to be #1 at the box office, but rather than a mammoth, 300-style opening (over $70 million), I see BEOWULF doing in the mid-20's for its first weekend, with solid legs down the road.

The movie I wiill be seeing this weekend is SOUTHLAND TALES. This is writer/director Richard Kelly's follow-up to his cult classic DONNIE DARKO (he also wrote the awesome script to the criminally underrated Tony Scott action flick DOMINO). Reviews are all over the place for SOUTHLAND TALES; some are calling it a complete and utter disaster while others love it with a passion. I'm very interested in finally getting a chance to see this movie, which has had a rocky road since its conception.

REDACTED, which I watched in my apartment this week on HDnet, is getting a very limited release theatrically this weekend; it's a tough, brutal film, and while flawed, an important document of our current war-time climate.

If I had a 5 year old child I might take him or her to see MR. MORGARIUMS WONDER EMPORIUM, but since I don't, I'll probably hold off on that one. It looks a little spastic and hyper-active to me.

On DVD, I have this past summers would-be sleeper thriller MR. BROOKS, with Kevin Costner as a serial killer. It got mixed reviews, did middling box office, but I am still intrigued; I've always like Costner (for the most part) and I'm looking forward to seeing him play a villian.

I still have to post reviews for BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD (****) and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (****) so expect those up later today or over the weekend.

Now go out and see a flick, there are TONS of phenomenal choices out right now!

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