Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight marks the network return of television's best program -- FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Along with MAD MEN, I feel that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has set the bar very high for scripted dramas on television. The show has been running on Directv for the last few months but tonight, at 9pm on NBC, the third season kicks off for everyone who isn't a Directv subscriber. I absolutely cannot wait. This is appointment television.


Wayne said...

Now that "The Wire" is gone, this is the best TV has to offer. Can't...freakin....wait!

Joel said...

What'd you think of "24"? I thought it was excellent. Just thought I'd get your thoughts.

Actionman said...

LOVED the first four hours of 24. Loved 'em. The show is TOTALLY asinine and completely implausible but I love spending time with Jack Bauer.