Sunday, January 25, 2009


Darren Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER (****) is a masterpiece. It is perfect. That is all for now.

Lots of new stuff coming up.


Joel said...

It ain't freakin' playing here, at least not in the near future. :(

So, renting it is the best option I think.

Glad you loved it. Quick question: Should Mickey Rourke win best actor?

Actionman said...

If Mickey Rourke doesn't win best actor than it will be a crime. I'll eat my shoe Werner Herzog-style.

This movie is worth a two or three hour car trip to check out. I fucking loved it.

It's expanding wider as the weeks progress; how is it not playing in TX, isn't that where you're at?

Joel said...

I'm from Texas, but I'm currently going to college in Indiana. I's probably playing in Indianapolis. Maybe I should go up there at some point.

Actionman said...

Are you a film student?

Drive to Indianapolis to see The Wrestler. Hitch-hike if you got too.

Joel said...

Actually I'm a Professional Writing student. Basically (in case you didn't figure it out already :P), I learn EVERYTHING about writing, right down to getting books, articles, and screenplays published during college.

My specialty (and obsession, really) is reviewing movies. I love the heck out of them and see as many as I can. Keyword there is "can," though. Not much time to see stuff during the semester.

Select movies I will make time for before June:

Fanboys (I'm a Star Wars nut, so naturally I will see this)
Watchmen (Um, any reason needed...?)
Star Trek
Terminator: Salvation

Then in June, I'll be finished with school (read: FREE!) and able to see stuff like the freak I am. Can't wait to see all the movies from '08 that I missed.

Actionman said...

According to the Fox Searchlight website, The Wrestler is showing in Indianapolis.

Good luck this semester.