Thursday, January 15, 2009


Every year there are always a bunch of movies that slip under the radar and I'm not able to see before it's time to call the movie-watching year over. I have three major films left from 2008 to see: GRAN TORINO (this weekend), DEFIANCE (this weekend), and THE WRESTLER (next weekend). I'd also like to sneak in LAST CHANCE HARVEY. Here's a list of the major films that I sadly missed in theaters from 2008 and which are either not available yet on DVD for me to view or have just been released (or will be released within the next few weeks).

BLINDNESS (really bummed I missed this one as Fernando Meirelles is a master filmmaker)
TELL NO ONE (I heard nothing but amazing stuff about this twisty French thriller)
FLASH OF GENIUS (coming soon on DVD)
FROZEN RIVER (I should have made the time to check out this highly acclaimed indie)
VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA (hits DVD on 1/27; can't wait)
PRIDE & GLORY (hits DVD on 1/27; can't wait)
ROCK 'N ROLLA (hits DVD on 1/27; looking forward to the supposed "return" of Guy Ritchie)
RIGHETOUS KILL (it's out on DVD but I have read nothing but horrendous stuff...)
BATTLE FOR HADITHA (out on DVD, really anxious to check it out)
BOY A (read lots of great reviews...out on DVD...will check it out soon)
MAX PAYNE (out on DVD next week...I expect nothing great...but the visuals looked neat)
THE DUCHESS (out on DVD now...I love Keira Knightley...)
NOISE (heard lots of interesting stuff about this Tim Robbins/vigilante flick)
CHOKE (huge Sam Rockwell fan...I should've made the time...)
RELIGULOUS (how I missed this still baffles me...)
WHAT JUST HAPPENED? (despite the mixed reviews, I love Hollywood satires)
ELEGY (bummed I missed this supposedly erotic drama with Cruz and Kingsley)
I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG (I am an asshole for not making the time to check this out)
TRANSPORTER 3 (I heard it sucked so I decided to wait for DVD...still...could be brainless fun)
A CHRISTMAS TALE (wanted to see it...need to find the time...)
BALLAST (never opened in a theater near me)
CHE (want to see it in its full four-hour glory and that cut never opened near me)
GOMORRAH (very anxious to see this; it opens theatrically in 2009)
HUNGER (this is a must-see; it opens theatrically in 2009)
JCVD (very curious about this supposedly artsy Van Damme flick)
MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA (reviews were mostly terrible but still interested)
TROUBLE THE WATER (sounds like imperative viewing)
WALTZ WITH BASHIR (really psyched to see this acclaimed animated doc)
NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (never got a theatrical release)
WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU (never got a theatrical release)

I am sure if I looked even harder, there would be more notable 2008 releases that I missed. As these get released on DVD, I will check 'em out, and post reactions for all.

My hope is to have a final "best-of-the-year" list out by the end of January, before the Oscars. I will also be posting an article called "If I Had An Academy Ballot" which will contain my personal favorite picks in all of the Oscar categories.

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