Thursday, April 2, 2009


Because I am too lazy to write up a plot summary, here's a link to the wikipedia page that describes last night's (and possibly greatest) episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's masterpiece television series South Park.,_Pray,_Queef

Now that you've read what the episode comprised of, let me just say, if you haven't seen it, it's funnier than you can ever imagine it actually being. Last night's episode was so funny, that it was almost impossible to laugh out loud. I've watched it twice now, and upon my second viewing, my shock had somewhat worn off, and I was able to laugh out a loud a bit more.

It's damn near impossible to truly call out one episode of South Park as being the "greatest" or "best" episode of the series. What Parker and Stone created over 10 years ago has grown into something very special -- and American comedy that both pushes the limits of what's acceptable from a cable broadcasting perspective, and a show that dares to look at and poke at all of the taboos that our society has deemed to be innapropriate. The level of satire on the show is stunning; it's ferociously funny at times, always smart and knowing, and totally deranged. When it comes to their art, Parker and Stone just don't give a flying fuck about anyone. Even themselves.

South Park, much like The Simpsons, has been a pop-culture staple for over a decade now, and it's just incredible to think that Parker and Stone have continuosuly upped their game, year after year, season after season. I hope they never get tired of creating this brilliant show. Characters such as Randy Marsh, Cartman, Mr. Mackey, and Mr. Garrison are some of the funniest, wittiest, subversive creations ever formed.

Last night's episode was a tour de force of idiocy, but the amazing thing about it (and all of their work) is that they are ALWAYS able to work in some sort of societal message in between all of the farting, puking, queefing, and swearing that the various characters revel in. There's always a point, always a greater message, always something more than just surface craziness.

I love South Park. Love it. I simply don't understand how anyone could ever watch this show and NOT think it was funny and/or brilliant. Takes all kinds I guess.


Ala Douche said...
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Wayne said...

Far from my all-time favorite, but this episode was hilarious.

Wayne said...
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Joel said...

I've never watched a full episode, but what I've seen is hilarious.