Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have only seen 7 new films in 2009 thus far. That's pretty weak in my estimation. And it's not from a lack of desire to head out to the theaters. There's just been too much shitty-looking product out there. I'm looking at you Paul Blart. I just can't get Fast and Furious. I'd rather stay above ground then head into the Underworld. And I'd rather watch Friday Night Lights on Friday the 13th. I would like to know about Knowing, so hopefully I can get to that before it leaves theaters, if not, certainly on DVD. I'm very excited about this weekend's arrival of Observe and Report, and next weekend's launch of State of Play should satisfy my craving for a solid political thriller (I missed The International, but look forward to checking it out on DVD in a few months). Anyways, here's my current best-of-the-year list:

Matteo Garrone’s Gomorrah (****)
Henry Selick’s Coraline (****)
Zack Snyder’s Watchmen (****)
James Gray’s Two Lovers (****)
Tony Gilroy’s Duplicity (***1/2)
John Hamburg’s I Love You, Man (***1/2)
Pierre Morel’s Taken (**)


Breedlove said...

Finally got around to seeing WATCHMEN in Imax the other night and fucking loved it. Awesome. Thought Snyder did a terrible job with the music - should have ditched all the super-obvious lousy songs, even if the were in the comic book, and just used a kick-ass orchestral score. But I loved it.

Actionman said...

I loved it too. I want to see it again before attempting to write a "review." It's got a few flaws, but I still give it **** based on its ambition and ballsiness. But I definitely disagree with you on the music -- loved the choices, however obvious they may have been. Dylan's Times Are Changing over those ASTOUNDING opening titles gave me the shivers. And the orchestral stuff on Mars was spine-tingling. Heady stuff. It's an overstuffed product, something that you have to work at while watching. I look forward to the longest director's cut possible.