Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Boring, uninvolving, and only sporadically amusing, with a nerve-grating soundtrack. Ari Graynor steals the movie as a drunken floozie and Michael Cera knows how to get laughs from these types of characters in his sleep. I just didn't care, and when the film is all about its characters, well, that's a big problem.


Wayne said...

I think I liked it a *little* better than you, but it's pretty weak sauce. Maybe the worst "sex" scene I've seen since, I dunno, "Showgirls" maybe. (Yeah, yeah, I haven't seen "Watchmen" yet)

Cera and Denning are charming enough, but the script is slllllopppy.

Actionman said...

I rather liked the sex scene in Watchmen -- what red-blooded, heterosexual male could say that they DIDN'T enjoy seeing Malin Ackerman buck naked??? And the scene had a sense of humor.

Yeah, maybe I'm being too harsh on N&N; the script was definitely lacking, but yes, Cera and Denning do have charm. I just thought Graynor stole the whole thing.

Wayne said...

Well, I'm mouthing off about something I've not seen, so it could be just fine.

You're not being too harsh on N&N at all. For a "romantic comedy", the whole affair was pretty lacking in both. I must have started doing taxes or something when all the big moments happened that signify These Two Are Starting To Love Each Other. Plus, it's the most unrealistic Operating a Car in New York City movie, possibly ever.

Actionman said...

"Plus, it's the most unrealistic Operating a Car in New York City movie, possibly ever."

In total agreement with you on that point.