Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just caught a glimpse of this poster for Steven Soderbergh's upcoming indie flick The Girlfriend Experience at Amazing website, by the way. If you don't visit, you should start.

The film is a candid look at the life of a high-priced NYC escort, played by adult film star Sasha Grey. Shot in less than a month and for around a million bucks, this is another one of Soderbergh's experimental endeavors that he likes to sneak in between larger projects. If it's anything like his last avant garde effort, Bubble, than we're in for another great piece of filmmaking.

I love this poster. Love it. It's easily one of the most striking movie posters I've seen in years.


RAO said...

Can't wait to see this...Hadn't heard about it but now I'm in opening day

Actionman said...

Did you see Che yet? I haven't because I didn't want to see it non-HD thru ON DEMAND. I can't wait for the DVD to drop.

Soderbergh is one of the most interesting filmmakers of all time. I love his really off-beat stuff (Schizopolis, Bubble) as well as when he does noir like The Limey or Kafka. I still need to see King of the Hill -- sadly, there's no American DVD of it yet. Which is pretty hard to believe.

I have my doubts about Sasha Grey's acting abilities but she'll be nice eye candy for a bit. Plus, the script is by the guys who did Rounders.