Friday, April 17, 2009


I came across a blog a few weeks ago that I really enjoyed -- check it out:

I struck up a friendly conversation with the blog's owner/creator, Trista, and I submitted a piece for her "10 Movies to See Before You Die" series -- here's the link which was posted today:

I could have come up with 100 different lists for this particular assignment. There are just so many amazing movies out there.


Trista DeVries said...

Hey Actionman! Yeah, I love it when people submit lists, it really is the point of my blog... hee hee. Actionman's list was awesome and thoughtful and, if I recall, one movie short since he remembered as soon as he hit send and had to email me about it.

Thanks for submitting that Actionman! Cheers. T

Actionman said...

Yes, Trista -- I meant to make it "11 Movies to See Before You Die" --I meant to include Werner Herzog's surreal masterpiece Fitzcarraldo.