Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Hangover's got a pisser of a trailer.

The cast is sweet (Ed Helms is poised to explode one of these days...) and the director, Todd Philips, can be a very funny ringleader of R-rated comedy (see Old School or Road Trip for proof). However, his last effort, School for Scoundrels, was painfully bad. I have a feeling that The Hangover will be a return to form for him.

The early buzz on The Hangover is through the roof. A script for a sequel has already been commissioned. That says something. This isn't a special-effects extravaganza; it's a raunchy buddy comedy.

Also, of personal note in regards to Philips, I sat next to him at an opening night screening of Collateral in the Dome at the Arclight a few years back. Pretty funny.

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